Converting your Office to Virtual Presentation Office

The MStudio is an innovative appliance for video conference applications in office and corporate environments. Designed specifically to take advantage of the increased popularity of the new generation multi-party video conferencing hardware and software, mStudio livens up and improves the vedeo conference experience multi-fold! mStudio allows users to combine video of a person with contents of the presentation (in any format, from any application). The combining(mixing) can be done in a large number of creative ways, with the help of virtual studio (VR) technology. Users may chose to use the provided templates as is or customize them in a matter of minutes.
Unlike virtual studios used by broadcasters, the innovative video mixing technology used by mStudio does not require any special blue or green backgrounds and sophisticated lighting set up. You can create amazing results with any type of backgrounds and any ordinary offce lighting.

Key Advantages

Compact, slim, all-in-one video conference solution

●     Comes with advanced USB camera and conference speakerphone
●     System can be connected to up to 3 displays or projectors
●     External connection PC or Mac notebook or desktop

No color keying, no problem!

●      Create great chroma keying effects with optional green backdrop
●     But if special backdrops can be used, advanced video cropping will help!
●     Easily adjust the appearance of the person in front of camera and the content

Programmable changes of screen contents and layout

●     Four scene control buttons define content for background and virtual screen
●     Virtual screens are smoothly moved, resized or modified with desired speed
●      Control scenes using wireless keyboard, mouse or app for smart phones/tablets

Suitable for various office sizes and conference layouts

●     High performance motorized PTZ USB camera can tilt 130 and pan 260 degrees
●     Enhanced USB camera optics provide 10x zoom and up to 90 degrees field-of-view
●     Advanced conference speaker and microphones can work with more than 12 people
●     Wireless IR remote control for camera and audio

Compatible with wide range of conference software and live streaming applications

●     Supports Skype, Skype for Business, Hangouts and other conferencing software
●     Stream live to Youtube, Facebook and many other streaming services
●     Records industry-standard MP4 files for sharing with colleagues, customers

mStudio Model Line

Model Name Components Capture
Virtual Studio Virtual Monitor
mStudio 1
(Low Cost)
VR system with mStudio
Steinberg UR22 Mixer
SDI(3in 1out) [or HDMI(3in)]
with HDMI(1in for laptop)
total 4 Layer 3D construction,
1 VR Screens with Frame, Actor+Frame
Laptop / PPT / Excel
Desktop / Chrome / Etc
mStudio 2 VR system with mStudio
Steinberg UR242 Mixer
SDI(3in 1out) [or HDMI(3in)] with HDMI(1in for laptop) Desk/Wall/Background/Skybox
total 4 Layer 3D construction,
2 VR Screens with Frame, Actor+Frame
Laptop / PPT / Excel
Desktop / Chrome / Etc

How it works


Select any sourse from PPT, Image, Video files, or connect notebook and cameras


Insert to mix and display in VR output, or operate to switch scenes with a mouse while you present

Mouse base operation

Switch scenes with mouse for a dinamic view while presenting

Record to make VR content

Simply record as you start presenting then syop to create a new VR content instantly

Upload or Broadcast

Upload recorded videos to YouTube, secured LMS for later views (VOD), or streaming in live