Interactive Real-Time Virtual Studio Solutions. Next Generation Virtual Studio Production System

vStudio 2500, 3500 Model

Darim VS2500 is designed for every Level of the broadcaster to make professional virtual studio without knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya in extremely easy way. Even without any knowledge of Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, still can do good and professional look of studio design using a photo and graphics provided with vStudio

mStudio (mixer & Virtual Studio)

The MStudio is an innovative appliance for video conference applications in office and corporate environments. Designed specifically to take advantage of the increased popularity of the new generation multi-party video conferencing hardware and software, mStudio livens up and improves the vedeo conference experience multi-fold! mStudio allows users to combine video of a person with contents of the presentation.

FS4000 Automation

The FS Series is a scalable server line product with feature-rich applications designed for production workflows. Because each server is fully integrated with the company's fi eld-proven base hardware and advanced applications for broadcasting automation, a complete reliability is guaranteed. With a choice over industry-oriented applications, a variety of servers can be built to serve for their dedicated purposes. The server with Playout application is designed to manage all from titling and editing to scheduling, playout, and constant recording from two sources simultaneously, but a dedicated titling server (FD1000) can also be configured by selecting Titling application over the base server line. Ideal for local TV stations, it eliminates the need for costly videotapes and wasted man hours while still broadcasting 24 hours a day. Imagine capturing footage from two sources, titling and editing another, broadcasting, and scheduling the upcoming week's programming-all at the same time!

SM5000: Hight Quality Video wall Solutions for Newsrooms

The recent improvements in LCD/LED display technology and video processing power of modern computers come along with a dramatic decrease of prices. A combination of these factors enabled us to develop a range of innovative multi-screen super-high resolutions video wall solutions. Unlike traditional solutions that provide limited special content display features, the SM series systems harness the power of 3D rendering in order to provide the unsurpassed video display capabilities.


The Chromudio green screen background solution is a lightweight and portable modular design that includes our innovative LED Super Light columns that are both super lightweight and cool to the touch. Super! The green screens themselves are made of a heavy-duty and wrinkle-free nylon spandex material that stretches over the modular aluminum tubular framework for a durable and colorfast chroma green screen that will last forever. If it ever gets dirty just throw it in the wash! Designed for easy portability and quick setup, Chromudio is ideal for live events and studio projects where space is at a premium.